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2009-09-13 05:18 pm

it's only a short walk from the 3 dollar car park near the casino to the pier. just leave ten minutes earlier. you'll save a lot

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding The Pier


2009-09-13 04:35 pm

Thanks to the new parking at Cairns central I will not be goint to the movies. You pay $15 dollars each X 2 then to pay for parking ? $$$$
Yes the first 2 hours are free.
How long does it take to go to the movies? get tickets, snacks maybe have some lunch before or after make an outing or a day out..
No see the movie and run back to the car.. I dont think so.
So it will affect the Berch Caroyl & coyal and the food out lets.

Now its stay at home DVD and lunch at home... O well I save fuel, parking and I save $$$$$ this will not be good for the econome just wait and see how many locals use the car park.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding The Pier


2009-09-13 07:12 am

I was reading a WOMF on here about someone saying Cairns Central parking is a 'money grab'
Well, yeah, it is. But try working at the Pier. It costs $11 per day! I work on average 6 days a week. It costs me $264 a month to go to work.
It is an absolute disgrace!
I know people will say - "why don't you park elsewhere, catch public transport, yada yada..." but we all know what the CBD parking is like. Most areas are 3 hours max & anywhere near the Pier is impossible to find a park on the best of days.
Making staff pay $11 a day can only be a 'MONEY GRAB!'

Posted By: dorodoro regarding The Pier


2012-10-03 11:55 am

Do not trust! What we thought would be an enjoyable experience turned into a dull and boring time. No experience and a big lack of trust. Dont bother

Posted By: nick-galea regarding Paradise Sport Fishing Adventures


2013-04-20 01:36 pm

beautiful spot. .wonderful view. .great food

Posted By: renae-egan regarding Yorkeys Knob Boating Club