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2009-12-30 11:17 am

Anybody looking for a car, truck or mini bus to hire give Europcar a go. ALLWAYS cheaper, have the vehicle you want and are a great bunch to deal with. If they dont have what you need, they get it up from Brissie within a few hours of your enquiry.
Wayne is the type of manager that wants your repeat business and will do his best to get it, NOT just out to grab your cash for a one off hire.


AVIS - named after someone's stingy old aunt. The type that, for christmas, would give you the old tin of shortbreads she got last year.

BUDGET - you'll need a budget of $1,000,000 to hire off these guys.

THRIFTY - is what you'll have to be for 6 months following your rental from them! oh, and don't expect them to have anything remotely like the vehicle you want to hire available...

Posted By: Marty-O regarding Europcar


2010-05-12 05:57 pm

This doesnt sound right at all!!!!! U had put a deposit down on a car which you seemed to know exactly what u wanted(executive stlye for 5 adults and luggage room)3 weeks prior to highering it, now to me the company have obliviously over booked this type of car or, someone there has highered it out without doing the paper work to see if it was being used anytime soon, now the company is trying to make you at fault for something they couldnt provide u with even though it had a deposit on it 3 weeks prior. They should have given you the same sort of car(which they obliviously didnt because it wasn't large enough for 5 adults and luggage) that u had asked for, and if they couldnt provide it then they should have given ur deposit back as it was no fault of yours that they couldnt supply the car that you wanted 3 weeks prior with a deposit.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Cairns Older Car Hire


2010-05-12 12:47 pm

I would like to point out that 99.9 % of our customers have a fantastic experience. Our cars range in age from 1990 to 2005 models, obviously the older they are the cheaper they are. We are constantly striving to update the fleet. I believe as far as value for money goes you cant beat Cairns Older Car Hire, our sister company Cairns Airport Rentacar is in the market of renting new cars and competing with those business. Therefore we know for a fact that the older cars are good value,backed up with quality service. As far as the deposit goes it is our policy on cancellations within a 2 week period of collecting the vehicle.
Sorry you can't please them all, although we try.
PS If you can get a better rate please let us know!!!!

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Cairns Older Car Hire


2009-08-05 06:14 pm

After booking 3 weeks in advance to secure a car with Older Car Hire Cairns online I was informed two days beforehand that the car wasnt available.They provided a 'similiar car' to what I had booked which wasn't large enough for 5 adults and luggage and was dirty with stained,frayed interior. I had booked an exective car, this was not executive. Having no option we rented a much newer car from another company for the same price!. However when we asked for the deposit back Older car hire refused to refund it even though they were able to rent out this car the very same day.
Come on guys this is not great customer relations! Very Sharp business practice!!
There are better Car Hire companies in Cairns that are willing to give you better value for money.

Posted By: AnniePerth regarding Cairns Older Car Hire


2012-09-24 07:01 am

You get what you expect, only better. And if you fly into Mareeba airport, they will happily pick you up and drop you off at no extra cost.

Posted By: garry-hardingham regarding Ron's Older Car Rentals