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2013-09-30 07:25 pm

Despite earlier comments, this is one of the best schools around. The school is well recognised (and an award winner) for their innovative and caring approach to students' learning and the local school community. Close it down? I don't think so!

Posted By: lilly07 regarding Cairns West State School


2011-07-27 09:13 am

Drum Up Big are fantatsic and Tara is a wonderful teacher. A few members of my choir also drum with her.

For those less rhythmic but also wanting to be in the parade, Soul Song choir is also running free workshops for people to join us in the parade. We sing funky pop, soul, motown and gospel.

I have put a post on WOMF about the workshops of you can find out more at

There are also a number of other workshops to try and get the community involved in the parade which you can check out at inside the parade section. There are salsa workshops, steel pan drumming, giant puppets, noise makers and more.

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2010-02-13 10:57 am

I totally agree with you, the teachers there are lovely and even so the Principal is great with all the children. When I firstly moved to Cairns 3 years ago I placed my child at that school in Year 4 and my 5 year old was in Prep, the teachers were lovely and went out of their way to make sure my children understood everything they were learning, and both my kids thoroughly enjoyed their time at Parramatta State School. Unfortunately we moved into Silkwood Ridge Estate in 2009, and my children had to relocate to Bentley Park College, I have found the total opposite! Especially with my youngest son, he had 2 year 3 teachers and seems to have learnt next to nothing for the year!! Totally disappointed!! However his Year 4 teacher this year is great!!

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2011-07-27 08:50 am

Last night my husband and I (complete drumming novices) went to the first free workshop in preparation for drumming in the Festival Cairns Parade. We had a blast and I would just encourage anyone with an interest in drumming to take advantage of these wonderful free workshops! There are another 3 weekly workshops before we perform in the parade on 21st August. Workshops are 6-8pm and you can attend either Monday nights or Thursday nights. Drums are provided and anyone can do it! For details, see the web address below.

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2009-08-20 06:17 am

Recently we have moved to Cairns and enrolled our child at Parramatta state school, Although the classes are a little insufficient , the Teachers and staff are just some of the most wonderfully kind people i have ever met in the school system, I would recommend this school to anyone looking for Quality teachers who seem to really care about the children no matter what!

Posted By: desertgirl regarding Parramatta State School