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2014-07-13 07:02 pm

I'm a local to the area and for over three years constantly supported this establishment every Tuesday night.
What makes me write this experience is the constant and inadequate ability of the kitchen staff to cope with this local popular night. Constantly there is the norm excuses that "kitchen is busy" or our orders gone missing (apparently they have Gremlins in Micros now), and overall, because you are with 6 to 10 friends every week, you put up with the waiting. However the wait in our every case was a way of life at the Red Beret, arrive by 7:00 pm and get served up 2 hours later. Then the food is not only dry, wrongly cooked, or you get a piece of steak that you wonder which part of the cow or bull it came from, or better yet, after the wait staff takes several order from different tables, they have to go back to those patrons and inform them, Oh kitchen has run out of your ordered item?? (Gordon Ramsay, you should try the PUB $38 STEAK ... are you *$#@mad - this is a PUB!!!)
Cairns is plagued with bad hospitality service, and yes, nobody cares in particular the owner of this Pub to lift this bad image not only to those locals that support is business constantly, but for tourism as well ... and if you dare to make a complaint , you get this best ill mannered duty manager barking at you with thousands of excuses while stating " if you think the service and food is bad, why do you keep coming back".
Gone are the days, that the hospitality service in Cairns had a code of conduct and discipline, now even the Health and Safety closes its eyes to the blunt cross contamination of diseases being bluntly displayed at this eatery.
I'm talking about the poorly trained staff, some trained by TAFE (in doubt) where cleaning a table means placing your fingers inside every empty glass, pile up 10 or more plates and cutlery still inside them from everyone right where you are seated and proceed to the kitchen to in turn pick up more cooked food and serve it already with cross contamination at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Well this is my and my friends story, sadly the duty manager was right ... she wins we loose.

Posted By: RedlynchSitu regarding Cellarbrations - Red Beret Hotel


2010-09-18 04:25 pm

Let's say their ingredients cost $4 ....cheaper than cheap ...and they serve 50 covers at many restaurants have 50 covers for lunch?

Gross profit of 50 x $5 ....$250 to pay for staff, rent, outgoings, insurance, fuel, depreciation, vehicles, phone, advertising, gst, taxes and profit.

It simply can't be done and this any business which tries to follow this model will surely fail.

Would I eat any restaurant meal with an ingredient cost of $4...of course not.... try it yourself ....go shopping with $4 and see what you can buy. I wouldn't feed my beagles for $4 each!!

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Wink Restaurant


2010-09-18 09:05 am

I went there for lunch today with 2 friends. Yes hinterland, they can do it for $9.00 and I can guarantee you that there was nothing nasty, cheap, frozen or processed about my meal. It was absolutely delicious!

I'll definitely be back.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Wink Restaurant


2010-08-28 01:35 pm

I see many of these 'cheap lunch' comments on this site and am horrified by the thought of any restaurant meal for anything close to $9.

This allows about $4 for the ingredients and production of the meal...not possible unless you use the cheapest, nastiest, processed and frozen ingredients.

I checked out this restaurant's website and luckily 2 course is $ absolute steal if the website and menu is any indication of quality. Great menu from someone who clearly puts quality first throughout his restaurant.

It's definitely on the must visit list for our next visit to Cairns along with our usual favourites and a repeat of Cairns Cooking School's Singapore Chilli Mud Crab class.

We have eaten chilli mud crab in some of the best restaurants throughout Asia and Europe..... Giovanna's laeves them all for dead... WOW....can this girl cook!!!!

Cairns is fast becoming a hidden treasure of the food world if you know where to look.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Wink Restaurant


2010-01-25 09:50 am

sorry to all who have had bad experiences at The Rock Tavern, my family and I have been there on several occasions and have never had anything to complain about. I have lived in the southside part of Cairns for nearly 20yrs and would still recommened the place to anyone.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding The Rock Tavern