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2009-09-25 04:01 pm

I went to my local bakers delight today, and as like most people have seen the new "fit 2 go " bars on tv. They had samples so thought why not. They are disgusting!! Their is no better way to put it.. and they are marketing them for school lunches.. I know being healthy is important but their is no way most kids would eat these. Try before you buy!

Posted By: toosh regarding Bakers Delight


2009-08-20 07:15 am

Try Mannings pies at 194 Newell St, just of Mulgrave Road. Beautiful pies!

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Pie-Fection Bakery


2009-08-20 07:11 am

I have been looking all over Cairns for someone that does mushy peas but it seems there aren't many left due to health and safety regulations. Thanks for sharing, next time I'm over that way I'll call in. BTW does anyone know of others in Cairns that do mushy peas?

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Pie-Fection Bakery


2009-07-31 08:14 am

Last Saturday we were in Gordonvale and saw Pie-fection bakery. We called in and got a pie each. The service was good and these guys seriously have 'the best' pies. The pie and pea was the real deal, the old style mushy peas. It is worth the drive to Gordonvale just to buy a pie. (oh and the chilli pies are 'hot' chilli).

Posted By: SXTNitro regarding Pie-Fection Bakery


2009-06-11 02:48 pm

hey mate,

i have a beautiful bread and delicious cake from these guys at the farmgate market. i heard they up in kuranda and i wnt up to see the shop. have you heard about it?

it's worth to give them a try.

you will love it.

Posted By: alpenboy69 regarding The Gingerbread House & Bakery