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2010-04-07 08:36 am

Just wanted to comment on The Coffee Club in Mooloolaba...has anyone else noticed just how terrible their service and food is?

I went there the other morning for breakfast and it was very busy - I ordered a French Toast with bacon and strawberries meal. It came out very fast, but to my horror - it looked like they'd shrunk the bread!! Two TINY little thin pieces, looking very pathetic on my plate. There was also no maple syrup (I'm sure the syrup was included in the price). Tonnes of strawberries and bacon, though. This all wouldn't seem so bad, if I wasn't grossly overcharged for it (I think it came to about $20). I would have taken the meal straight back if it wasn't so busy. As a result of my disappointment, although what little was on my plate tasted fine, I didn't enjoy it at all.

Now, I've figured out that each Coffee Club is a separate franchise so the style of each meal will not always be the same at varying stores - but this was just a massive let-down for me as I usually LOVE their French Toast meal.
This isn't my first disappointment with the Mooloolaba Coffee Club - I've had a few (staff taking their lunch break out in the restaurant and talking very loudly to other staff members, etc). But this one was just surprisingly disappointing.
I'm waiting and hoping for the day when new management take over!

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2011-10-21 05:42 am

Amy Winehouse I am happy to go to Rehab every day! Not only is the coffee consistently awesome but so is there new food menu. The jam french toast is to die for! And the burger is delicious with these great pickles! The prices are reasonable and I always leave with a smile! A great place to have a coffee if u want to be sure u will get great quality coffee and something delicious to munch on

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2011-03-02 11:41 am

So happy we can finally buy Swedish food in Cairns. Hope it will become a real store soon even if it nice with a home delivery of salts and sweets

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2009-04-14 06:34 pm

Fusion is just fantastic! Service is good, you dont have to wait forever for your meal and they are always brilliant, they do excellent breakfasts and your going all out if you spend $20 on your breakfast (got to love that) usual breakfast cost including drinks is around $15. Im the food sook in our house but my other half who is a meat & three veg kind of guy loves their breakfasts too!

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2012-08-25 02:17 pm

Hello, we are celebrating our second month at Cafe 88 and would love you to join us for coffee, breakfast or lunch. We look forward to hearing about your experience in our shop.

Thanks & see you soon,
88 Team

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