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2010-04-06 01:48 pm

Our first meal at Cafe China was good if a bit over-priced and service was bad. The second time we went the food was terrible and I couldn't eat my dish so they gave us a discount. We found the Chinese restaurant down at the end of Lake street very good and fantastic service. I think it is called the Golden Boat but not sure.

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2010-04-06 09:16 am

I agree! Love it! Will go there over and over again.

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2009-07-18 11:31 am

I agree, best fish place in cairns.

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2010-04-06 05:57 am

Terrible service and awful food pretty much sums up our experience at Cafe China on Spense St.

Firstly there was a long wait to order. Only one of our servers seemed to speak english, so we really didn't get the questions we asked answered. We ordered our meals, and after 20 minutes or so, one meal arrived. We were suprised at the lack of attention to presentation. It was a dirty round white plate with just duck meat heaped on it, sitting in brown oily liquid. The duck was cold, soggy and the only taste we could decipher was oil. Some parts were overcooked and other parts raw.

We were wondering if the waiter even took the second order and we could not get the attention of a waiter to ask why our meal was cold. We decided not to eat it and leave.

The second meal arrived as we were about to just get up and leave. We had ordered the Pork belly (a well cooked Pork Belly is one of my favourite dishes). It was also sitting in a bowl of oily looking brown liquid (the oil had seperated from the liquid and was about 2 cm thick on the top). The pork looked rubbery and over cooked and not appealing in any way. We tried to explain about the duck, and the waiter was adament that it was fine and thats the way it was supposed to be, which was contradictory to the menu description of a HOT cantonese duck. We asked why it was cold and they had no answer, We also asked why we were not told that the meals would not be served together, no answer there also.

We left and refused to pay as we didn't eat the food. I will not go back and will never recommend the food to anyone. Especially as the meals cost approximately $30 a plate, which seems very overpriced for the quality that we experienced during our visit.

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2010-04-06 05:39 am

As I have said we eat out a fair bit, so I am going to do a few posts with some reviews of when we have eaten this week, begining with Tha Fish.

Fantastic location, gorgeous views. We dined at lunch and the restaurant was moderately busy. The server greeting us was friendly and attentive and water and menus arrived quickly.

We decided on Seafood Chowder and Fish cakes. The Chowder was visually stunning, with a large yabby and shining salmon roe to garnish. It was nicely finished with truffle oil which added an extra layer of flavour. The soup itself had well cooked fish and large prawns. The only slightly off putting part of the dish, was the use of corn kernals, they added an odd texture which the soup could have done without.

The crab cakes were certainly fresh and not too much potato was used. However, there was not enough of the tomato jam, which meant they were extremely dry. They also could have done with a small herb or rocket salad to make the plate more appealing and balance the fish flavours. It was quiet a small serve and we felt it needed something extra.

Overall, Staff were attentive to a degree, offering more water, and being there if needed. We did however ask for an extra spoon when the food was served and this did not show up until we were also finished, and we had reminded the server in the interim. A nice place for relaxing and having a small lunch with great views.

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