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2013-12-06 11:28 am

I had purchased a pack of solarium session only to be ripped off my last 9 sessions. On the day of purchase I was not told the sessions would expire in 4 months. I went to Miss M hair n Beauty and did 2 sessions in solarium. After finishing I was asked to pay which came as a surprise as I had had bought a big pack already. Then I was told they expired last month and had to pay. I asked how many sessions were left and if there was enough for her to honor the 2 sessions I had just done then wave the rest as I didn't know it had expired. The decision was firm and I lost 9 sessions plus had to pay $29 on top of my loss. Very disappointing to have such a bad experience as a loyal customer. I would not recommend this business to anyone.

Posted By: Davina2304 regarding Miss M Hair & Beauty


2010-10-02 02:43 pm

I agree Wax room is great, have been to 3 different ppl in cairns and they are the best and most affordable.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding The Wax Room


2010-07-02 04:33 pm

Just read Cairns Eye after having an amazing treatment at Serenity at the Avenue and can not believe Serenity didnt get the TOP number one Day Spa - instead number two. I had the most incredible full body exfoliation and hot stone massage and Im feeling like a new woman.This Spa's got it. Number one Cairns Eye. Go back and have this treatment. You will go to heaven and back.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Serenity at the Avenue


2010-05-17 06:30 am

I had extensions done from a mobile hairdresser Ashlee Piper that come to my home... she used great hair that looks and feels like mine.. they blend in so well and cant believe I didnt do it sooner.. I have black fine hair but with the extensions makes it fuller and so easy to take care of.. looks so natural and cost be about $650 all up with cutting straightening and all...Love it...Thanks Ashlee :)

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Advanced Hair Studio


2010-04-14 12:26 pm

what is the approx. price of the hair extensions?

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Advanced Hair Studio