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2011-01-18 02:19 pm

Physiotherapy Cairns with Dennis is the best. I am now living interstate and I am yet to find anyone that matches up to the service I was getting from Rehab Massage. I wish I can find anyone as good as Dennis. The person who commented below wanted to know how to give more than 5 stars, I just did, I rated it as best ever! Best of luck with your business mate. From George

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2010-10-15 10:05 am

Ok, how do I give more than 5 stars? That awful neck pain was killing, a real pain in the neck! I don't think any other physiotherapist could've done it. I would give you more than 5 stars, but there are no options here!!

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2012-05-18 10:25 am

18 months of chiropractry achieved little more than a reduced bank balance. A couple sessions with Dennis and walking became bearable again - the difference is that big. Kudos to Dennis for really knowing his art.

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2012-08-23 06:40 pm

Dennis has miracle hands! One short session with Dennis did more for me than a length session or two with Chiro's and Osteo's. Recommend that anyone with niggly little problems causing long term grief pay him a visit. If you are like me, you will see instant results. Dennis, you are a legend!

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2012-11-05 12:55 pm

I have not found a better massage therapist in Australia. I originally discovered Dennis when I was looking for treatment on a chronic shoulder problem. From the very first session I knew this guy knew his craft. He really hits the spot. It took several sessions, but I have regained full movement of my arm. I no longer live in Cairns and have not found anyone who can compare to his expertise. On a recent visit to Cairns I was lucky enough to get an appointment, this time I had hip pain causing tingling right down my leg. Once again after just one visit, Dennis worked his magic and the problem was reduced. I would recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a massage with results.... He is the best!

Posted By: susan-barstow regarding Rehab Massage