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2009-06-12 04:35 pm

PhysioHealth on Toogood road Woree is fantastic. after living with chronic back pain for 5 years, they fixed my problem in 3 sessions. Although i saw Tim who has since left, the other physios there are great. warm and welcoming, and very understanding.very friendly.

Posted By: LittleMissTits regarding Physiohealth


2013-02-11 10:29 am

As a younger teenager i had really terrible skin which always pulled down my self confidence. My mother then took me to Face Today Medic Clinic, in which the girls there not only helped my skin tremendously, but also helped boost my self confidence majorly. The team were so lovely and nurturing and i would honestly recommend this clinic to anyone!

Posted By: tess-allan regarding Face Today MediClinic


2013-02-14 07:49 pm

Face Today is excellent. They have brilliant customer service, competitive pricing and stay up to date on products and procedures. Highly recommended!

Posted By: jacqueline-wilson regarding Face Today MediClinic


2013-02-12 09:44 am

I started visiting Face today medi clinic when i was 19, as i wanted my face to be more balanced and have a less tired look... Not only are all the staff fantastic but so welcoming and will answer any questions without hesitation. I put every bit of confidence within the girls at face today to make me feel amazing at the end of every visit, i wont go anywhere else!

Posted By: jessica-cameron regarding Face Today MediClinic


2012-01-02 11:01 pm

We stayed here for my husbands Xmas party, and when I saw our room I didn't want to go out!!! Great value with a fantastic view.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Hilton Cairns Hotel