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2009-11-21 10:01 pm

been having a bad time recently with neck and back pain was recommended to go to physiohealth who are friendly team of local physios who understand the needs and working environments of Cairns locals.
Results of first treatment was fantastic helped me to return to work and recommended them to anyone. Highly recommend Helen and Stacey

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2009-04-16 03:14 am

The best massage I've found in Cairns is Colin "The Massage Guy" 0438 756 150. He's in the Walk Arcade, 84 Lake Street. I normally have the hot stone massage, which really does get in deep

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2009-06-12 04:35 pm

PhysioHealth on Toogood road Woree is fantastic. after living with chronic back pain for 5 years, they fixed my problem in 3 sessions. Although i saw Tim who has since left, the other physios there are great. warm and welcoming, and very understanding.very friendly.

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2009-04-09 04:39 pm

I would just like to spread the word that I've recently had an exceptional experience at a local Physio.
No they're not just for sports people. Little ole' people like me too!
They seem much more interested in helping your pain and also educate you in how to prevent injuries and look after your body. Just what I needed. Thanks Total Physio.

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