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2012-09-01 09:58 am

Rude, unknowledgeable staff. My questions were met this short, curt answers. I simply wanted to feel the flex on a skateboard and was told that under no circumstances may a customer try a board. Who would buy a skateboard without at least feeling it under the foot? This is another classic example of a skate/surf shop run by capitalists rather than people who are actually into the sports they purport to cater to.

Posted By: fred-dinkum regarding TRIPT


2013-03-11 07:59 am

worst fence mob in cairns stay away

Posted By: jim-cairns regarding Cape York Fences


2007-11-05 01:15 pm

Possibly the most courteous, professional people in this trade to deal with in Cairns. Not only was I helped in finding exactly what I needed, they helped with the measurements, and tips on how to get everything done! What more could you possibly ask for! Will be returning again, and again!

Posted By: daniel-blake regarding Cairns Raw Materials