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2013-07-11 08:59 am

Difficult to work with. Installed a faulty hinge on the gate to the glass pool fence. Admitted error but will not replace hinge or retun my calls or email.

Posted By: cheryl-albers regarding Clear Vu Glass Fencing


2011-11-29 10:06 am

Excellent service, quality and pricing. Service was also personal and friendly. A standout from the shabby service we sometimes receive in Cairns. Glass Professionals is a definite recommendation.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Glass Professionals (Qld) Pty Ltd


2013-06-19 09:07 am

All round very happy with the work SGO Glass did for me. From the measure to the installation and the exceptional customer service. They came out quickly and didn't have to wait long for my glass splashback to be installed. Was impressed with how quick and easy it all happened. Good quality work too. Would recommend these guys for sure.

Posted By: rita-bishop regarding SGO Designer Glass


2011-10-05 07:18 am

small windscreen chip had to sign waiver but was told success repair rate was 99% cost $134 ($85 dollars in melbourne for similar chip) told to come back in 20 min (chap in melbourne took over an hour was told at the time the process could not be rushed) came back 20 min later and were told we were the unlucky 1 % and now had large cracks new screen quoted @ over $500 (rang around for quotes and got one for 1/2 that price) o briens did not have screen in stock but would ring us when it was available (still waiting for call 4 weeks later)

Posted By: sennekkah-john regarding O'Brien®