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2011-04-17 10:05 pm

Good value! Friendly staff that really know what they are talking about. Big tip is that entry includes a day pass, so you can come back later... great for kids & rock-hounds... do it.

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2012-09-15 07:30 am


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2013-04-10 09:24 pm

It was nothing special. The cave was so expensive and was just annoying, having to put on helmets that were loose and wouldnt stay on your head, with tiny lights that didn't show much at all, and at times having to bend way over to basically crawl through small spaces. Went in a doorway, took us off into a bunch of different rooms, so ended up missing a chunk of the cave - couldn't be bothered going through all that effort just to see the bits we missed. The cave thing is a nice gimmick, but so not worth the hassle or the cost - would be better just having it set up as a nice display that everyone can enjoy. Sorry guys, low scores from me, definately give the cave a miss and just look through the shop instead for free.

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2008-12-28 11:58 pm

We arrived to find the room either not been cleaned or had other people in it (having since read other reviews this is a common occurrence here). Reception closed at 11am and it was 2pm, finally we contacted someone and were told she would be there in 10min but she did not turn up for 40 min. We were then moved to another room which at first glance look Ok but the following was wrong with the room: AirCon in the bed room did not work properly. The fridge was not working – A frozen Jug of water had been put in there to keep it cool. The alimimium shutter on the door was broken. The room was generally not very clean complete with mould on the bathroom tiles, cigarette buts by the sun lounger, rotten fruit outside by the door and the bowel for the tea and coffee had onion skin and pepper in it from the last occupants. The vegetation around the resort badly needs maintenance. When I told the receptionist about this she could not care less telling me to write it down because reception get all the complaints and its not there fault! Palm Cove has lots of good resorts this is not one of them, stay any where else instead

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2009-12-01 08:59 pm

My wife and I spent 7 fantastic nights at the Mango Lagoon Resort. The one bedroom apartment was perfect for us- plenty of space, great view and access to the pools, quiet, clean. The staff were very helpful and friendly- any requests we had were managed quickly and professionally. My wife booked in for a massage at the Wellness Spa and really enjoyed it. We will definitely be returning.

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