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2010-07-25 01:14 pm

My dogs were so happy here and there was no "sulking" when we got home! A credit to the owners.

Posted By: luke-atkins regarding Doberling Kennels


2012-06-10 12:27 am

Lady running seemed exhausted and totally over looking after all the dogs. Caught her swearing and cursing wildly at the dogs and was worried what happens when no one is around. Also was dead chickens around property rotting. So many dogs barking was a traumatic experience to leave our two dogs there. Would never take our dogs back again. Avoid.

Posted By: dwayne-hicks regarding Doberling Kennels


2013-05-17 01:08 pm

Our little dog stayed there and like it.Taking him back today for weekend. Was clean and lady was a pet person. Everyone that has good experiences should publish them as I am sick of wingers.

Posted By: david-sexton regarding Doberling Kennels