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2014-08-02 09:56 pm

I am so impressed with the professional quality service I received through Elite. I am not normally one to leave a review, but when decided the carpets were due for a clean, I shopped around. Steven from elite was so friendly and helpful. He did such a great job. I recommended him so heavily, my parents got him to do their seats and upholstery on their car and caravan after returning from the cape. They were also impressed.! Definitely give them a call.

Posted By: Kaikai regarding Elite Maintenance Service Cairns


2013-11-18 10:44 am

I had the Elite boys at my place last week to clean my lounge suite. I was shocked to see how well my filthy lounge suite cleaned up.. It is like brand new again. Tom and Steve were very professional and affordable and I will now be getting them back to do my carpets and lounge suite on a regular basis. I have no problems in recommending their services to anyone else, they were fantastic.

Posted By: catwoman9 regarding Elite Maintenance Service Cairns


2009-07-26 03:28 pm

I've recently bought a vaccum cleaner from just vaccums the service was overwhelming and they weren't intersted in ripping you off like the boys up the road, i will do alot of trade through Just Vaccums. Service with a capital S.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Just Vacuums


2011-08-10 09:58 pm

Alvins Bond Back Cleaning 0438612109
Very Professional and very good vacate clean.

Posted By: cleaner regarding Alvins Bond Back Cleaning


2010-04-20 08:17 am

I have found a great little laundromat right in the city centre and thought I would share it with my fellow WOMF'ers...

It's called The Laundry Express and it's on Lake Street (opposite the Novotel Oasis Resort, next to Hertz). My washing machine broke down on the weekend, so I went to do a load, and I was very impressed with the staff and the service.

They have coin-operated machines and laundry powder etc. so you can do your own laundry, but what really impressed me was the staff offered to do my load for me! It was $15 for a wash, dry & fold, and they said it would be ready in an hour... so I went shopping and came back to my fresh, clean, folded laundry - happy days! I'm thinking about not bothering to get my machine fixed now - I'd rather take it there and go shopping instead!

The staff and the owners (who were there when I went back) are so friendly and professional. They said they also do ironing for $20 an hour and mending etc. as well as pick up/drop off dry cleaning.

Apparently they service local businesses like hair dressers & restaurants there too...

Great business & really nice, local people - I got their phone number off the order form - it's 0428852787... see you there next weekend!

Posted By: tezenez regarding The Laundry Express