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2009-10-23 02:50 pm

Glad to hear you've had a better experience than us with Suncorp.
Our dishwasher leaked and soaked into the cupboard space ruining 1/2 the kitchen in our 3yr old home. Apparently Mossman is too hard for Suncorp to deal with. It is months later, finding and organise builders and cabinet-makers has been left up to us. They refuse to send an Assessor out so we have to get several quotes.We have appealed to headoffice for help as a last resort..... they weren't interested.
Our only claim in years and this has been the worse experience for us. We WILl be changing insurers

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2009-10-22 05:48 am

I have also had great experiences with SuncorpMetway. We had a pretty bad experiences with a preivous insurer and were left 1000s out of pocket over a loophole. A am glad to say that Suncorp were upfront and great in a crisis. We also bank with them and have our home and car loan with them. Also great services!

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2011-08-13 03:41 pm

3 weeks ago I was involved in a car crash. The police stated to me there and then that the other driver was 100% at fault. I lodged a claim with my insurer (Suncorp) and mentioned what the police findings would be supported by the fact there was another driver as a witness confirming i was not at fault. I asked Suncorp if I could have a taxi fare reimbursed by the other drivers insurance (from the scene to home)as well as hire car costs for me while my car was getting fixed. They stated that it was a definite NO. I could not recoup any costs like that even if it wasn't my fault. Next day I went to the suncorp holding yard in newell st to get some more things from my car. I asked the assessor there how long before I would get it back. He waffled on about the shortage of tradies in Cairns because of the mining boom and panel shops all over cairns cannot even start any work for at least a month and then 2 weeks to fix. So 6 weeks at least up to 2 months. After just being told I was not entitled to a hire car I wasted the next 2 days getting bus time tables etc. to work out how to get my kids to school. At 5 and 6 yrs I would have to catch the bus with them and back home twice a day for 6 weeks. At this point of dread a friend learn t of my dilemma and said the other insurance company is legally liable for taxi and hire car if I am not at fault so I rang them and they confirmed they are liable. At the same time I decided to ring around to simply ask what time frame panel shops can fit my car in. First one said 2 weeks no problem once that get it. I asked them to go to quote my car. Then I get an abusive phone call from the assessor saying they had picked someone already to fix it (still 6 weeks of course) and I would delay things further if I tried to change it. I stated that this repairer will have my car back to me in less than half the time. He said that was rubbish and tried to talk me out of it. I insisted and now I get a call today to say my car is ready. Total time was less than 3 weeks from the accident, not 6 as this assessor insisted. I rang Suncorps complaints division and asked them to investigate why I was lied to by Suncorp staff about hire car costs and what interests does the Cairns assessors have with Palm panel and paint and another repairer to insist all repairs go through their workshops. In other words they did not want clients to get there own quotes even though their vehicles would be fixed in a fraction of the time. The complaint was handled poorly. They did not see any problem but said they would ask someone and get back to me in 2 days. That was over a week ago. I have since found out why Suncorp does not want their customers to know about their entitlements regarding hire cars even though it does not cost them a cent. Firstly less people would not take out hire car coverage if they knew they don't need it if they are not at fault and secondly if the broader community knew then at some point when their driver is at fault they are paying the bill for it. So they make more money and save heaps of money to. I am now making an official complaint with the Insurance ombudsman and want Suncorp investigated in regards to openly lying to their customers(recorded conversation) in regards to their legal entitlements as well as any links to the Cairns assessors and 2 panel shops in Cairns. ie: kickbacks or part ownership in the business. End of the day Suncorp was quite happy for me to be catching a buss for 6-8weeks when I should not be and this is MY insurance company working for me.

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2009-10-17 05:32 pm

I just wanted to say how wonderful the guys and gals at Suncorp Insurance have been over the last 2 weeks.
Came home on a Friday to find my house flooded and ran off to call them whilst the boys started trying to get the water out. I'm talking heaps of water - pouring out of windows and doors :-(
Josh, the first chap I spoke with was wonderful - asked if I would like a clean up crew to come and dry out the house and dry out carpets (to which I declined - glad I have all tiles!!) Had an assessor (Grant who was really genuine and was straight down the line and offered advice) out the following Tuesday to organize payout. Was asked to simply let them know what was damaged and they wrote it all off.
Got the money for written off stuff (Rug, bookshelves etc) within 10 days!
Had some electrical equipment tested and written off and when enquiring about the replacements again the team at Suncorp were just lovely to deal with. They had a chat and a laugh and best of all they were not snobby or treated me like it was a privilege to claim my own insurance. They replaced the damaged goods with newer and better models. More than I could have wished for. Just the kitchen and skirting to go now and already had one builder in to quote.
Have not been left hanging or stressed out and feel I can call and just ask 'silly' questions any time. If you are shopping around for an insurer - so far these guys have been great :-)

On another note: Part of the reason my house flooded was due to pressure changes in recent months by Council – well, indirectly as we have a new development being built down the road. The water infrastructure is already not the best and the pressure can vary from useless to ‘who needs a gurney??’ to wash the car!!
We had a leak a few months ago from the pressure changes loosening the clamps on the hoses for kitchen and bathroom fittings. We tightened them all – shame we didn’t think to do it again.
So to all who read this – have a quick rummage under your kitchen sink and check all your hoses and clamps and sink fittings are all still nice and tight. I’d hate for you to come home to my inside swimming pool.

All good tho – everything has a silver lining and now I get to tell everyone about Suncorps great service and hopefully help a few people out!

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