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2009-09-12 03:03 am

It`s a shame in my book as the gear he sells is awesome,but he needs to change his attitude

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2009-09-07 08:51 am

Basic selection of Aquatica and Amphibico housings, appealing to the mid-to-higher end market. I am personally an amateur photographer diving on my spare days. I almost purchased an x-display model from ScubaPIx (nothing too special, around $1500 all up), but being an amateur I was full of questions...

WARNING. If you are a novice, ScubaPix has NO time for you. ### Believe it or not, I was very happy initially to make the purchase after researching online, but I was verbally pushed out of the store by the owner. I was very disappointed ##
My advice, if you need to use this Company, keep to their online store otherwise take previous advice and find somewhere else near-by. I tried Wet-Rez and Digital Diver, both very impressive. ##

Thanks WOMF, these sort of things really need to be told.

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2009-09-03 02:13 pm

#try digital diver really good people

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2009-08-31 05:50 pm

Some equipment, mainly Aquatica housings. Occasionally you come across a shop that has so much potential regarding advice, purchase and future maintenance of specialist equipment. Unfortunately Ive never met an owner with such bad customer relations as here. If you want expensive equipment that can then be serviced and maintained by a reliable, customer orientated owner, its not here. Try the many, many more in Cairns. Sorry, Ive tried here many times and its the same story over and over. Buy it and GET OUT.

Posted By: sfrink regarding Scubapix


2012-05-01 10:02 pm

Incredible!!! Thanks so much for filming our wedding day! Your video was amazing! It was so creative and captured the day as it was! I didn't even know you were filming most of the time. Thanks again!

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