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2014-08-04 09:34 pm

"Crazy Adam" of "La Bomba Loca Tattoo" is the definately the artist to go to if your looking for a TRUE tattoo artist, his skills are AMAZING and he's very experienced, and the tatts he's done on me are very well done ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Posted By: LUVAGOODTATT regarding La Bomba Loca Tattoo


2013-03-30 03:06 am

Very happy with the customer service I have experienced so far with Jeff Shuttleworth of Trademark Ink.

He he politely recommended my reconsidering work with an unregistered artist, and offered me an exchange of services to have one of my pieces reinked.

That's community spirit ~:-)

Posted By: psitutor regarding Trademark ink


2013-06-27 07:14 pm

Amazing studio with amazing artists!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Trademark ink


2013-08-24 12:46 pm

Highly recommended~ am a repeat client!

Posted By: pscyh-tutor-mentor regarding Trademark ink


2010-11-04 06:41 pm

never opened. or staff fighting all the time :(

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Body Funk Tattoo & Piercing