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2009-07-29 12:42 am

Aj Hackett has to be the best in the biz when it comes to bungee and this location is awesome. The only thing is the video, it's kinda neat but I wished I would have just gotten my friends to record it. It's only one angle and they always seem to put the lamest music to it. My was ghostbusters and my friends was MC Hammer "Can't Touch This"

Posted By: a-google-user regarding AJ Hackett Cairns


2012-09-20 03:24 pm

Great fun, very expensive though

Posted By: aidan-clarke regarding AJ Hackett Cairns


2012-12-30 12:16 pm

excellent dudes easy going, friendly. great local hangout

Posted By: bob-struck regarding AJ Hackett Cairns


2013-07-25 07:07 am

Super cool place, really great vibe with music playing and a bar where you can sit and drink a couple of nerve breakers whilst watching the other jumpers before you 'take the plunge' yourself.

Posted By: michael-briggs regarding AJ Hackett Cairns


2014-03-09 10:21 pm

I was so scared going for my first bungee, but the friendly staff, the beautiful location and a (couple) drink at the bar and you soon forget your going to be jumping off a tower. Until you see someone plunge down into the pond at bottom!! It was best the experience I've had backpacking and would recommend it to all my friends. I will definitely be bungee jumping again in the near future.

Posted By: colm-mcmorrow regarding AJ Hackett Cairns