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2009-03-04 07:56 am

what was the cost like -- this sounds like a good plan for my birthday!!

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Ocean Spirit Cruises


2011-07-27 01:06 am

Our family started using Jono at Flight Centre in the Earville shopping centre over three years ago. Now we use him for everything. Our daughter returned from her around the world trip and was elated with her arrangements. No stone is ever left unturned. Make some time thou as he has some great advise but also loves a good chat.

Posted By: dmjcd1 regarding Flight Centre Earlville


2009-03-04 05:07 am

Went on an Ocean Spirit dinner cruise for my birthday, cruised up and down the Trinity Inslet with a beautiful Buffet including lots of seafood (my fav) and music creating a nice atmosphere, lovely to take visitors or for a special occasion,

Posted By: Macca regarding Ocean Spirit Cruises


2013-06-10 09:38 am

Firstly, I must say that the staff on board were excellent. All 4 of us were treated well and looked after all the way from getting on to getting off at the end of the day. I was very impressed with the knowledge and expertise each member of the team has. Most were performing 2-3 tasks on board our cruise. No one was pushy and forceful. The boat was well equipped and we had an amazing time. I would certainly encourage anyone to take up this amazing offer to see the Great Barrier Reef using this company. June 2013.

Posted By: shiraz-mistry regarding Ocean Spirit Cruises


2013-03-23 01:42 pm

Really old busses that are falling apart, mould growing on the seats, cannt hear the microphone. Dodgy lunch cooked in unclean facilities, with no gloves or hand washing area. The tour is rushed and very bad value for money. Easily the WORST tour in NTH QLD....

Posted By: croc-bait regarding Trek North Tours