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2012-03-21 03:33 am

I have been using them for awhile now and impresssed by their service and knowledge. They really want to solve your problems and their pool and spa displays are amazing.

Posted By: One24Australia regarding Placid Pools


2013-05-16 09:33 am

I recommend that you NOT use Ash Moseley Homes. My wife and I spent a lot of money having Ash Moseley Homes build our house. The earthworks were hourly, and Ash Moseley Homes overbilled us over $16K including for equipment that was not even on site; for rates significantly higher than in our contract; for down time of equipment; for sweeping the driveway and classifying that as supervision of earthworks; for adding GST to the price which by law already included GST; and for workers' driving time from their depot. Ash Moseley told us this was an “office mistake”. And yet nearly a year later, his solicitor sent a letter to the BSA claiming that we still owed the $16K to Ash Moseley Homes. We had to take Ash Moseley Homes to QCAT to get it to finish the building construction of our house. For 9 months, we emailed them, and submitted BSA defect complaints, and still did not get the defects fixed. After lots of emails and phone calls to the BSA, a BSA inspector came on site and supervised Ash Moseley Homes' workers who spent about 3 hours and fixed 3 defects. But the timber deck is still covered with big splotches of discolouration, most likely due to improper handling of the timber. We have photos of exposed unpainted timber, wet from rain. The BSA issued a Direction to Rectify to Ash Moseley Homes to fix the verandah, a black mark on the Ash Moseley Homes permanent record, and will cause an increase in their annual license fee. The deadline for the Direction to Rectify has passed with no fix to the verandah. The BSA will have it done with insurance funds. It is not just us. We obtained BSA 6 records of 2012 requests to rectify (ours was in 2013). Six is a big number for a builder who currently averages 2 houses a year. Ash Moseley Homes failure to fix defects has caused us homeowners to spend hundreds of hours chasing the rectifications. The lack of integrity and responsibility demonstrated by Ash Moseley Homes is truly shocking. Ash Moseley Homes is not recommended.

Posted By: frank-baars regarding Ash Moseley Homes


2013-08-30 09:49 am

On behalf of Ash Moseley Homes, I will respond to the review posted last week. The Earthworks company who performed the site works required a 23 tonne rock breaker to break up the underground rock on the steep hillside, on this 1 in 5 slope with a single access driveway lane the only access to this steep site. All tax invoices relating to the siteworks to obtain correct building platforms over this 4 different slab level dwelling were provided to Frank Baars and Karen Higgins to peruse. Ash Moseley Homes did not overcharge for any work whatsoever and never stated it was an office mistake. Our solicitor advised the truth i.e. the owners never paid for the $16k exceeding the Contract Provisional Sum allowance for site works. Our solicitor provided submissions to the QBSA stating the reasons why it would be unfair to direct our building company to attend to any Category 2 defects. The enormous timber deck has some boards which exhibit small patches of discolouration, and we have determined that the supplier substituted a different species of timber decking without our knowledge and this is a characteristic of this substituted timber. There is no defective workmanship.

Posted By: rhiannon-moseley regarding Ash Moseley Homes


2012-01-27 01:12 pm

The leaders and Innovators in pool design and construction providing your entire leasure experience. Featuring new technologies such as Eco Splash, Magna Minerals for Pools, latest Spa's and Technologies and the addition of exquisite outdoor furniture, Placid Pools has your experience covered. Placid Pools knows how to build award winning pools, your welcome into our showrooms and pool complex anytime to sample what placid Pools can do for you.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Placid Pools


2013-04-20 02:37 pm

It is a pleasure to come across a company in the construction business that does good work, and backs up its work. Placid Pools is such a company. We selected Placid Pools before we selected the builder of our house. Our pool is complex. It is on a slope, next to our house. The shape is curved. The self-cleaning feature and the jets in the spa added to the requirement for heaps of pipes. Placid Pools worked well with us throughout the design, construction, and maintenance phases. We were glad to see them consulting and communicating closely with us on all decisions during the construction. We were kept completely informed during the construction by the construction manager to came to our shed and explained things in detail. Since we were not kept informed by our builder, Ash Moseley Homes, we especially appreciated being informed by Placid Pools. After construction, there was a minor problem. There was unexplained water loss from the pool. We did not contact our builder, Ash Moseley Homes, which we had contracted with for the house and pool, since Ash Moseley had not replied to our previous emails about defects. Instead, my husband contacted Placid Pools directly. Straightaway, there was a Placid Pools employee at our house, working to locate the leak. Placid Pools kept us informed during the process. The problem pipe was identified, water was diverted to an extra pipe they cleverly had put in place during construction. The problem was solved. That is how things should work, and we are glad to see it is a reality when working with Placid Pools. And Placid Pools benefits from providing good service. We purchase supplies from them regularly, and we recommend them. Clearly other people in the construction industry in Cairns could learn from how Placid Pools does business.

Posted By: karen-higgins regarding Placid Pools