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2018-07-25 04:14 pm

Dear AllesterNorth, your false, misleading and inappropriate review has been noted, reports have been made and an investigation is now underway to find out who you are and to claim compensation for defamation. Its evident that you have never engaged Russell Plumbing to provide a service for you as you would know that the owners name is not Russel. Claiming that you were mistreated and that payments of sex were made instead of money is highly innapropriate and innacurate. Through hard work we have buildt and maintain a small reputable business and for whatever reason you aim to tarnish our name will remain unknown. However; we intend to persue this matter until your disgusting review has been removed.

Posted By: littlemiss regarding RUSSELL PLUMBING


2011-04-28 07:59 am

I just called Mackie Plumbing as I need a plumber to find a water leak somewhere underneath our concrete slab - a pretty big job. Initially I thought the whole "press 1 for ##, press 2 for ##" was pretty impersonal and then I had to sit on hold. The guy seemed to know what he was talking about and was friendly enough but they work short hours which makes it hard for us working class folk. At the end of the day we need to work to be able to pay their bill, plus not everyone can afford to have a day off work just to sit around and wait for a plumber. They should be able to do an early morning or late afternoon or a weekend if necessary, and because of their inability to be flexible they've lost my business.

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Mackie Plumbing


2011-03-18 09:16 pm

Mackie Plumbing have the worst customer service. After a second attempt to get a quote they have failed contact me. They obviously don't need the work. Can anyone recommend a reliable plumber?

Posted By: anonomous-user regarding Mackie Plumbing


2012-06-03 10:58 am

I had to call my first ever plumber for a Hot Water System repair, STEVE from ALEXANDER PLUMBING & DRAINING (0418 184 428) was on time, polite, efficent and very reasonable pricing.

Ladies, don't hesitate to call you wont get ripped off!. Thanks WOMF and Steve. Cheers Anne

Posted By: Booa98 regarding Alexander Plumbing & Draining


2010-01-11 08:50 am

Best plumbers in Cairns hands down!! We had problems with our toilet so we rang a few plumbers who said they were flat out until we rang Mackie Plumbing and they came the very next morning and at the time they said they would (no waiting around all day). We also got a quote on replacing the old toilet with a brand new one including installation and the new toilet was installed very promptly and efficiently and there was no mess left behind at all!! Very competitive rates too! Highly recommended!!

Posted By: Beetleboy regarding Mackie Plumbing