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2010-11-04 01:13 pm

This place is amazing! The grounds are kept in brilliant condition, the area is always tidy, there is a beach nearby, within walking distance. They also have kayak and bike hire, which is great for going out with. Its quiet and private, but its also close enough to shops, cafes and everything else. The staff are very kind, which always makes your stay the best it can be.

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2011-03-09 09:07 am

The cabins are very modern and nice, 5 stars for that..... but they demanded $165 for one night (for three persons). That I can live with. The real problem was the attitude of the bloke at the counter. He was totally rude to me and was full of himself. He scorned me for asking what 'LNG' was, condescendingly asking me 'what planet are you from?' and 'are you normal mate' in the most self righteous and obnoxious way. I'm not a local redneck, how am I supposed to know what the hell LNG is! And why should I pay $165 because of this mystery acronym? And the show thief fox story... yeah right!... I will not be going back there again!

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2010-09-15 07:49 pm

The pick of the places to stay in Tannum Sands has to be the Tannum Beach Caravan Village!! Walking distance to the beach and fishing, as well as being quiet and secluded. The grounds are beautiful and kept in immaculate condition. With friendly staff that will do all they can to make your stay an enjoyable one!! Cheers Beanie

Posted By: adam-bean regarding Tannum Beach Caravan Village


2013-08-27 08:02 pm

The park grounds are well kept & the park is very quiet. The amenities are old but you can see that efforts have been made to update them, also they are clean. I received a call from the park owner who apologised for the treatment we received from the reception staff as they were not very helpful. They refused to grant us our Top Tourist member's discount stating we did not record our membership no. when booking online, even though there is no provision on the website (the owner promptly rectified this problem) These staff members seemed disgruntled that we booked on line and stated that they haven't received the payment aside from the fact our credit card had already been debited.

Posted By: dennis-neall regarding Tannum Beach Caravan Village


2011-08-12 07:28 pm

A pretty location, overlooking Awoonga Lake, 6 minutes from the Bruce Highway on a sealed road. Good mix of sun and shady sites. Amenities were fresh, spotlessly clean and you could even have a nice shower without getting water all over the changing area. The caring and thoughtful new management are in the process of creating an updated and attractive park. Great value.

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