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2009-10-23 03:12 pm

i went on a school trip today to facing island, it was a really good day with lots of swimming and games! i would like to thank curtis ferry services! you held it together with a bunch of high school students, well done! to anyone who would be intrested there are camping grounds on the island(with toilets)and plenty of swimming space! thank you again!

Posted By: Kaylizzle regarding Curtis Ferry Services


2013-04-06 12:50 pm

I stayed here recently with my sister and our elderly parents. The bedrooms were very clean & comfortable, the house is very attractive and functional, the fruit salad for breakfast was a delicious and healthy way to start each day. Even the boardwalk entry worked very well with elderly people. The verandah is a lovely place to sit with a drink and share a chat in the evenings. I will be returning here with my husband sometime in the very near future. Thankyou for your hospitality. We all had a lovely time and the dog Boof has a lovely friendly gentle nature.

Posted By: deborah-back regarding Off The Lane B&B


2013-05-26 11:41 am

Barmaids worth the drive

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Gladstone Yacht Club


2012-11-21 09:05 am

Well this place has a lot to be desired :- Meals in this place are not what they seem they are uneducated on menu's and wording them correctly.... (which they are still learning)...Duty Staff have big bad Attitudes that should be knocked out of them pig ignorance and humiliating customers infront of other customers is not a good thing to do.Gaming in this place if your winning be rest ashured your gonna get booted out like we did 9.45pm duty manager yells in your ear "WERE CLOSING AT 10PM",this place is a joke........So NO we won't be comming back and Yes we will be telling everyone about our bad experiance as we don't want our friends treated like dirt......

Posted By: dizzy-di regarding Gladstone Yacht Club


2013-05-30 11:58 am

Kaum zu ├╝bersehen ;-)

Posted By: jens-knpke regarding Gladstone Marina