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2009-12-30 11:17 am

Anybody looking for a car, truck or mini bus to hire give Europcar a go. ALLWAYS cheaper, have the vehicle you want and are a great bunch to deal with. If they dont have what you need, they get it up from Brissie within a few hours of your enquiry.
Wayne is the type of manager that wants your repeat business and will do his best to get it, NOT just out to grab your cash for a one off hire.


AVIS - named after someone's stingy old aunt. The type that, for christmas, would give you the old tin of shortbreads she got last year.

BUDGET - you'll need a budget of $1,000,000 to hire off these guys.

THRIFTY - is what you'll have to be for 6 months following your rental from them! oh, and don't expect them to have anything remotely like the vehicle you want to hire available...

Posted By: Marty-O regarding Europcar


2010-06-22 10:19 am

Nice location, clean rooms and plenty of parking! Very reccommended if you are passing through Gladstone.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Gladstone Accommodation QLD - Como Apartments


2011-11-16 10:13 pm

This place is very well managed. A bit strict, but it's clean, quiet, and there is a good atmosphere

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Gladstone Backpackers


2012-04-19 07:58 am

Very nice place, good shower and I nice kitchen. :)

Posted By: nicolaj-johansen regarding Gladstone Backpackers


2012-08-06 02:45 pm

very poor place,tiny bathroom, not allowed to shower more than 4 mins, the smallest dorm room I've ever been.

Posted By: craig-jason regarding Gladstone Backpackers