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2011-05-04 05:37 pm

Mandy McQuay - Branch Manager from the Strathpine Plaza is the most efficient, effective, professional person we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Mandy went above and beyond her call of duty; everyone who dealt with her on our behalf could only say wonderful things about her. Whether it was the Builder’s people or my parent’s solicitor, these people could only commend Mandy.
We have been loyal clients with ******* for many years, but we began to have issues with regards to a mortgage. We had applied for a loan and been strung along for almost two weeks with no solution. My parents had paid $45 000 deposit on an apartment in Chermside and their home was completely paid out, but ******* would/could not assist. My parents were on the verge of loosing the deposit when I called Mandy on a Friday at 4pm and told her of our huge problem. It was suggested I come into her office and I turned up at 4.10pm with my father. At 5pm the very same afternoon, this incredible, wonderful, amazing lady solved all our problems.
It would have been a disaster for my parents to have lost $45 000 dollars, not only because of the financial implications but the psychological impact would have been greater.
We cannot ever thank Mandy enough; we will be in her debt for ever. This incredible lady assisted us in our time of need and ******* failed us.
Thank you very much Mandy and Bendigo.

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2009-08-10 06:07 am

I have found them to be the best bank, nothing seems to be a drama for them. They are always friendly and helpful, and I'm sure their fees compare well to others. They look after people that dont have a lot of money just as well as those that do.

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2009-10-29 10:47 am

Hi Nick,
I live in Emerald and have been studying/working in the bookeeping business for 3 years. What sort of program are you looking at starting with? I have worked with both Quickbooks and MYOB, but have found Quickbooks by far the easiest to use. I work one day a week in Emerald, doing the bookwork for enviromental consulting firm. I also have another 4 private clients. Two diesel fitters, one small cattle enterprise and one small fruit and vegetable seller. Are you wanting someone to help set up and explain to you the basics of bookeeping, and give you on-going support throught out the year? Or are you wanting someone on a more day-to-day bascis, paying bills etc? If the first one is more your style than I think I could help. Mainly as I live in Emerald but I do have Rockhampton clients so I could make a day of it. I personally think that if you just starting and running a small business, you should have some insight into your books and do the bill paying, invoices etc yourself. If you are after the second one, I also supply a very detailed Quickbooks handbook that I think is better than the 'manual' (that you will have to purchase extra on to the normal Quickbooks Software) as it is personallised and cuts out the 'crap'.

Now to the cost part. I charge myself out at $55 an hour and fuel is an extra $50. Although if it worked out that I could see you on the same day as my other clients then this would go down.

One word of advice, whoever you decide to get, you need them to know there stuff, otherwise you'll end up with a big mess, and a big tax bill. My email address is

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2009-10-02 06:58 am

Try, local mob, look after heaps of small business in Gladstone area.

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2009-11-21 04:35 pm

If anyone has any questions regarding the above topics or similar, please do not hesitate to ask.

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