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2010-02-14 07:47 am

I ordered a Pizza at 4:20 yesterday from Eagle Boys Pizza in Smithfield. I was told it would take 45-60 minutes. 5:30 passes and I get a call from the Duty Manager to say the delivery driver had got to work late and he was just leaving and that we would have our Pizza in the next 15 minutes. I told him I started work at 6 o'clock and he assured me they would be there by 5:45. Anyway 5:55 comes and I leave for work hungry and left my kids with money for Pizza's. From work I called my step-daughter at 6:10 to see if they had arrived and still no Pizza so I decided to call Eagle Boys where I spoke to the same Duty Manager. No apology or explanation just a "So do you want to cancel them?" "No, we've waited best part of two hours and our children are home waiting to eat!" When I asked what he was going to do about it he did knock off the delivery fee. He also told me the driver would be leaving in 5 minutes! So I ordered at 4:15, and the Pizza eventually left at 6:15. Needless to say the Pizza's were soggy and disgusting, most likely as they had been sitting in a hot box for 2 hours. I'm not a fast food fan but ordered for convenience as they delivered. Really regret it now though - best avoided!

Posted By: lennyg regarding Eagle Boys Pizza


2011-12-10 04:06 pm

Amazing place!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Pizza Capers Gladstone