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2011-11-17 11:36 am

1. rude / arrogant counter staff, 2. doctors 55mins late arriving to centre - so even first patients are 1 hr late 3. doctors not prepared to read medical records from other unless they charge 2hrs consultation. 4. doctors not prepared to complete medical certificates based on known medical contitions, require min 3 visits

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Tannum Family Practice


2013-02-27 10:03 am

Booking - Sometimes you get put on hold but is to be expected. Waiting Time - Mostly have to wait 15m/ish which is good for a medical centre. The service - Pretty good, generally thorough doctors. Bulk Billing - Yes Staff - Well spoken English and keeps things quite casual. Overall - maybe 8/10 - nothing too flash but i enjoyed my experienced

Posted By: juju-b regarding Gladstone Valley Medical & Skin Examination Centre