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2011-07-20 04:47 pm

Saw some of the feedback on here, so wanted to make a point of mentioning a great travel agent. Ive been using Dom at Flight Centre Earlville for about 5 years now and without doubt he is the best. I recommend him to all my family and friends and just wanted to say that his customer service is the best I have experienced in any industry, not just travel !

Posted By: krystalk regarding Flight Centre


2009-12-22 04:31 am

After finally deciding to go on a holiday overseas on a cruise ship, my partner and I decided it would be safer to book through a travel agent... Unfortunately we chose Flight Centre Cairns Central (Centre Stage).

Their lack of communication has caused the whole holiday-making process to be very stressful. Firstly, they were unaware that the cruise company had cancelled the cruise we were booked on - I only found out by looking on the website! Secondly, they did not inform us that they needed to send our passport information to the cruise company so that they can send out travel documentation. (Flight Centre could have done this up to 55 days before sailing is now 7 days before we sail and we still don't have them).

Thirdly, Flight Centre did not inform us that we had to pre-book shore tours before a certain date (a service that they are supposed to provide). This date has now passed.

After all this, we asked them the hard question...why would anyone go through a travel agent when we could have done all of it online and received the same service? ...They could not answer the question...enough said.

Posted By: shazmole regarding Flight Centre