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2011-09-30 07:19 pm

I just visited EB games Wagga for the first time since its refurbishment today, The new store looks fantastic.
Not to mention the amazing service, product knowledge and friendly attitudes from the 2 girls working. They made an experience I was not looking foreward to (finding something for my son to do in the school holidays) an absolute pleasure.

If ANYONE needs help, advice or ANYTHING to do with games, I would recommend these girls any day of the week!
Great job!

Posted By: goshout regarding EB Games


2009-06-23 01:44 pm

EB games are nothing but a con.
I bought a game from them for $50.
Traded it in, got $5 store credit.
Went back two weeks later, found the same game I traded in, broken case and all selling for $45.
Thats more than 100% profit.
Its just not right.

Posted By: MupTudi regarding EB Games


2009-06-10 03:56 pm

Does anybody know how to go on the net and play people all over the world on ps2 my ps2 is the latest one (the slim one). Anyway I just bought FIFA09 it's great but the place I got it from (EB games) had $20 off the price! That's excellent. Does anybody think for a PC game called Battlestations Pacific which is kinda old, their trying to sell it for $80.95 in a sale!. My point is the service at eb games is good but they never have games that I want in stock like last year I asked for Formula 1 2006 for ps2 and they didn't have it so they got my details and told me they would keep a copy for me. I have been waiting for a 3 year old game that they haven't got it or seen it before. Where is the best place to get games from?

Posted By: DunlopVolley regarding EB Games


2009-07-05 02:15 pm

Went to EB games today after purchasing a game yesterday...din't work on the lap top. We took it back, and the very helpful fellow explained things to us and cheefully asked if we would like an exhange or refund.aLL THE STAFF THERE TODAY WERE HELPFUL, CURTEOUS AND FRIENDLY/....

Posted By: delilahblue regarding EB Games