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2009-12-30 11:17 am

Anybody looking for a car, truck or mini bus to hire give Europcar a go. ALLWAYS cheaper, have the vehicle you want and are a great bunch to deal with. If they dont have what you need, they get it up from Brissie within a few hours of your enquiry.
Wayne is the type of manager that wants your repeat business and will do his best to get it, NOT just out to grab your cash for a one off hire.


AVIS - named after someone's stingy old aunt. The type that, for christmas, would give you the old tin of shortbreads she got last year.

BUDGET - you'll need a budget of $1,000,000 to hire off these guys.

THRIFTY - is what you'll have to be for 6 months following your rental from them! oh, and don't expect them to have anything remotely like the vehicle you want to hire available...

Posted By: Marty-O regarding Europcar


2008-05-13 10:32 pm

We made a booking with this company long in advance. On the day of the rental, the guy brought the car in the morning as promised (although not the model we thought we booked). Then I had to sign a credit-card form for the rental bond, which had $250 on the first line, but no total. I found that strange, so I politely asked if there shouldn't be a total, because otherwise it's like a blank check. The guy said that this is the way it's done in Australia and someone who has such dirty thoughts (he ment me) must be dirty himself. If I don't trust him, then it's better not do the deal. He sat into the car and drove off. We ended up not having a rental car for that long weekend. Very fishy, and not a company you'd like to do business with.

Posted By: felix-rauch-valenti regarding Best Price Car Rentals


2013-02-02 11:07 am

Great Pricing, great service. Very helpful. Highly recommended. Totally disagree with Felix's review below. Sorry he seems to have got a bad impression. I have used BPCR numerous times while visiting family in Hervey Bay, and have never had any issues. In fact, I returned the car early on one occasion, and was in a bit of a rush to get back to the airport, so left it to them to refund money to me at a later date, and it was rerunded as agreed.

Posted By: sandra-douglas regarding Best Price Car Rentals


2013-04-08 07:29 pm

We recently rented a car for two days while staying Hervey Bay. The rental experience was very good, friendly staff and a car in good condition (we rented one of the "new cars" category). We also got a reminder call half an hour before our rental started. The only drawback: the selection of cars is somewhat limited. It's great to have Seega right in the middle of Hervey Bay, so people don't have to go to the airport for a car rental.

Posted By: felix-rauch-valenti regarding Seega Rent A Car Hervey Bay


2013-05-11 08:54 am

I had only driven the vehicle 10kms back to my hotel when I got a flat tyre. Seega made me change the tyre myself then go purchase a replacement. I would hate to think if an elderly lady had been in that situation. I don't know if this is an industry standard but totally poor customer service in my opinion.

Posted By: jordan-von-nida regarding Seega Rent A Car Hervey Bay