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2013-01-02 10:46 pm

Huge, comfortable room and accommodating host. Our one quibble was the lack of fresh produce provided for breakfast, otherwise great!

Posted By: andrew-richardson regarding Tin Peaks Bed and Breakfast


2013-05-27 02:56 pm

Best meat pie in a long time, pastries have fresh cream.

Posted By: janet-harvey regarding Pastry Creations Patisserie


2011-07-10 01:33 pm

Delicious pastries and coffee, handy for sea front park too - took the kids for cakes and they loved it.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding The French Bakehouse


2011-04-05 12:36 am

The best pies! And yes, Gail is related to Augie. The Sauer pie-making dynasty continues!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Gail Sauers Bakery Cafe


2010-06-25 05:35 pm

i wonder if Gail is related to Augie Sauer - the pieshop in park st maryborough? fond memories of my childhood and enjoying a pie there - decased ago!

Posted By: the-witchdoctor regarding Gail Sauers Bakery Cafe