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2010-10-15 04:36 pm

Reuse & Recycle are a very helpful organisation, offering grassroots recycling services to people around the Maryborough area and further out. I'd recommend checking out their recycling markets and donating unwanted goods for recycling - very handy!

Posted By: suzanne-day regarding REUSE & RECYCLE


2012-12-04 02:44 pm

Sam & everyone there are great - They are friendly, honest, nice and very helpful! They have great prices, great range of DVDs, Games and accessories. Plus you want something - order it and if it's available (still copies in existance) you get it! Forget the games stores, Sanity and Big W etc come to this place. Got DVDs or game discs to trade in go to these guys too they won't rip you off like the rest!! Also they will help you find hard to get DVDs etc. Try getting all this at the other places - you can't. (Sanity doesn't try or makes you wait months; Big W only gets what they get sent from their warehouse etc) Sam etc at preplayed get orders in quick. I'd rather go see Sam etc at preplayed than go to the other stores in town for my DVDs and games!!!!

Posted By: tygah-buff regarding Preplayed