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2010-05-27 03:57 pm

I just have to say what an awful experience i had a Meng tyres Rockhampton, the man in the office made minimal eye contact and seemed he couldnt be bothered to take his eyes off of his computer to even look at me. I was given a quote which was nothing like the bill i recieved at the end of the job and when i told him i was given a different quote before agreeing to the work he said oh thats just an estimate, how can an estimate for 4 new tyres and an alignment pan out to be more than anticipated!!! #

Posted By: abbyj regarding Meng Tyre Sales


2010-03-15 08:09 am

I was driving and the check powertrain light came on. Has anyone had this problem before? If so what was the cause? And what was the result?

Posted By: Rhanzy regarding Holden


2009-04-19 03:30 am

Just like to say i had really good service from the people at northjacklin suzuki, very friendly staff that made me feel welcomed and not pressured into anything

Posted By: satnitefun regarding North Jacklin