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2015-01-10 08:53 am

Ray is a thief!! Owes people money for dodgy work done

Posted By: 1darkangel55 regarding Ray's Panel & Rust Repairs Trailer Wreckers Mackay


2009-06-07 09:28 pm

At 1:30pm on a Friday I stopped by Pace's Paint Shop on a whim because I just swiped a pole in my boss's car!!! I was desparate for a quick fix before 3:00pm when I had to return the car. I described the situation, the owner asked to see the car & I asked if he could even try buffing the scrapes until I could get it properly into the shop.... just so the noticeable marks would disappear. He let me pull the car into his shop immediately & buffed it out on the spot. I asked how much I owed & he replied "nothing". Of course I paid him, but just the fact that he dropped everything to help me was a grand gesture! Obviously, I didn't have any MAJOR repairs done or left my car overnight, but I really appreciate his charity and aide. Great guy!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Pace's Paint Shop