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2009-08-21 03:02 pm

I recently had some trouble trying to find a good quality desk and office chairs, then i stumbled across QMB Wholesale Direct out at Paget - best old fashioned service, they delivered and set it up for me

Posted By: mickandchloe regarding QMB Wholesale Direct


2012-07-06 12:10 pm

Love there food

Posted By: damian-clemson regarding Sorbellos Italian Restaurant


2013-03-03 04:35 pm

Outstanding food was fantastic staff was great.

Posted By: susanne-woods regarding Sorbellos Italian Restaurant


2012-11-04 03:23 pm

We moved to Mackay 4 years ago and thought Sorbello's was great. Sadly the last few years things have one down hill and we no longer dine there. The service staff are so sore and the wait for food is unbearable. Sorbello's use to be a kid friendly place for our well manner kids but now I wouldn't take them there at all.

Posted By: danielle-andreoli regarding Sorbellos Italian Restaurant


2013-04-27 06:53 pm

A bit expensive but well worth it. The wait staff are friendly and helpful

Posted By: daniel-di-domenico regarding Sorbellos Italian Restaurant