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2009-07-30 12:23 pm

Harvey Norman in Wagga is the worst place I have been in relation to customer service. I spent 30mins walking around looking at specific items that I wanted to purchase and the staff completely ignored me. Considering I was the only customer in the furniture department at the time and it was as soon as they opened it is quite disappointing. I stood and waited for one staff member to finish loudly castigating another staff member so I could get his attention but when he did look over at me he just walked right passed. I counted 5 staff member working there and not one approached or even acknowledged me This store clearly does not want sales, I will not go back there.

Posted By: Fox234 regarding Harvey Norman


2009-05-31 07:25 pm

Very pleased with the service I received from 'Peter' in the furniture department of Harvey Norman. A freshing change from the service (or lack thereof) that I have become accustomed to in the computer/electronic department.

Thankyou Peter for your great customer service skills. The rest of the Harvey Norman team could really learn a lot from you.

Posted By: Neecer7 regarding Harvey Norman


2009-03-06 11:37 am

Gidday it's BARGAIN HUNTER and just today my team put HARVEY NORMAN to the test on buying a new camera.
Well right now BARGAIN HUNTERS a digital camera is well below normal retail price as major manufacturers clear the way for new models.

8 megapixels ? wow when will it all stop and we are back to the good ole days of a year and half ( 1000 days) interest free ! Careful though you will have to spend a minimum of $1320, but hey with the rate at which the Reserve Bank is chopping interest rates they will soon be following Gerry Harveys marketing and be offering no deposit, interest home loans for 25 years.( wouldn't that be fun)

I think the Camera deals are only on until March 8th, so it's time!

BARGAIN HUNTER finding you the best BARGAINS on the mid north coast.
There's only one BARGAIN HUNTER...the original and the best.

Talk Soon !

Posted By: BargainHunter regarding Harvey Norman


2009-03-06 11:19 am

Gidday I'm BARGAIN HUNTER. My mission is to find the best bargains on the mid north coast and test drive new products that hit the market.
In the oncoming economic cyclone I can guide you through some BARGAIN shopping and give you BARGAIN updates on new products.
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I bought a new laptop from Harvey Norman and really got the best deal. Thank You BARGaIN HUNTER !
Maureen Port Macquarie

Mobile phone what a minefield, but BARGAIN HUNTER got me a great deal through The Telstra Shop. Good on ya BARGAIN HUNTER !
Tim Port Macquarie

I found the most beautiful yellow silk imported pillows from Samsara Furniture and Homewares ! BARGAIN HUNTER your the best.
Narelle Laurieton

OK BARGAIN shoppers, stay tuned for some awesome bargains and pretty neat test drives !

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Posted By: BargainHunter regarding Harvey Norman


2009-02-12 04:54 am

I purchased a toshiba laptop from Port Macquarie Harvey Norman about 2-1/5 years ago. Its been a good performer up until a couple of weeks ago when it would get to the Windows startup screen and stay there. Guess what - I had extended warranty on this PC - took it back to Harveys and Lucas the computer guy looked after things and was great! It was back within 2 weeks with a new motherboard and is like new again! Just for a change the warranty wasn't expired by a day or something!

Posted By: mrnudie regarding Harvey Norman