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2009-04-14 02:59 am

Silhoette seems over priced and alot of older ladies stuff (so i guess thats great for the over 40's ) for the other younger ladies B n T ( bras and things ) is excellent, as too is the adult shops ( they are a little dear too ) but take nothing away from target, they have some very nice stuff.

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2009-02-24 02:15 pm

Silhoette is by far the best for something sexy but also classy. If you are after something a little more racey Jeffro, try Boudiour over Northside.

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2009-02-12 07:52 pm

Now Jeffro.. i believe Valentines day is actually best spent without underwear!! bahaha.

edible underwear can be purchased from any adult store - maybe try Adult Fun Etc. Cnr Shakespear and Wood Streets ;D

But hey, if that's not your thing you could try Bras n Things in Canelands, they've got quite a nice selection, even that other panty store beside the Newsagent in C'lands. But where everyone seems to forget is Target!! Good price and great quality also. Target even has a signature range!

Hope i helped!

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2009-02-12 01:39 pm

With Valentines Day around the corner, what is the best place to go to for womens underwear. Do you shop at Silhouette?

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2011-04-13 06:53 am

not very good service

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