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2009-09-25 04:01 pm

I went to my local bakers delight today, and as like most people have seen the new "fit 2 go " bars on tv. They had samples so thought why not. They are disgusting!! Their is no better way to put it.. and they are marketing them for school lunches.. I know being healthy is important but their is no way most kids would eat these. Try before you buy!

Posted By: toosh regarding Bakers Delight


2011-10-15 11:33 am

Great service and staff! I ordered a cake from Brisbane in Mackay for my mother's BIG important birthday. Staff were very efficient and accommodating. The fresh white sponge cake of course will be lovely with fresh cream, as I have been ordering these for years in Brisbane. Thank you to the bakery staff and main switch! This is a very under-sung product and service that Coles provides- Kim Martin Clayfield Brisbane.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Coles Supermarket