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2010-01-26 02:55 am

Bought Orange Rought fish $18.92 a kilo from the Marketplace Saturday. It was OFF.
Marketplace will refund costs.

Posted By: delilahblue regarding Woolworths


2010-06-16 12:09 am

Woolworths are now charging a fee to use your Visa Debit card for transactions if you press credit instead of savings at the eftpos terminal.
This is just propping up the banks for more fees as most if they are like mine do not charge for credit transactions but do charge for savings transactions.
Woolworths are just being GREEDY as Coles/IGA are not charging it and in most cases it is us the consumer being hit again by the big end of town.

Posted By: royincairns regarding Woolworths


2010-03-24 12:41 pm

Hi All, I was very excited to learn that woolworths now do home delivery. delivery fees vary based on time window but no fee is greater then $9. Generally delivery between 8am - 2pm is free and delivery between 5pm - 9pm costs $5.

Posted By: jojoj regarding Woolworths


2010-03-07 06:32 pm


Just in case you've missed the best news for those of us who are time poor.. Woolies has started delivering to your house in Cairns!

You order online, pick your delivery time, and you are good for your weekly shop being delivered to your door.

Was a low delivery fee too!



Posted By: PrincessT regarding Woolworths


2011-06-17 08:38 am

Wonderfull food love the place =)

Posted By: a-google-user regarding V China Kitchen