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2010-04-14 10:11 am

Finally, I have found a place in Cairns that has the most amazing hair extensions. I have had extensions for a couple of years and have been ripped off and disappointed by the quality, they always felt great for the fist month but then felt really bad and the bonds were terrible. My friend said I should try Flashpiont Hair extentions from Adavanced Hair. I thought they only treated bald guy's, but they have a whole side for women including the best hair extensions ever. I had my own private room, I was looked after by Lauren who made me feel so special. It was a great experience and I recommend that if you are ever looking to get extensions, given them a call, they are the best!!!!! They even do normal salon services, my mum has booked in already!

Posted By: Kim89 regarding Advanced Hair Studio


2013-05-30 10:21 pm

on the 23/11/12 I won an expired (22/03/12) voucher from Allure Rejuvenation Clinic in a raffle from my daughter's day care valued for $1100.00, the director of the day care called me to tell me the news and offered my $500.00 if I didn't want my prize ( the director and the lady owner of the clinic are friends) but I kept the voucher. Days later I had a call from day care, the director left a message suggesting me to contact the clinic because she was concerned that my skin color wasn't suitable for the treatment, so I rang the clinic, this lady told me that I can't have the treatment because of my skin texture (this without see me in person, based on what her Director friend told her about me) when I asked her to please explain how this treatment work, she told me to Google it, I asked her how to resolve the issue and in a derogatory manner told me to sell the voucher o give it away, that the voucher was donated for that specific treatment only. I asked her if would she give me another cheaper treatment then like hair reduction but I received nothing but the same attitude. I couldn’t believe that I was treated so bad for no reason, all the time talking down to me just because the voucher was donated. I felt so bad that few days later I went to see her in person to give it another go... I've got nothing but the same aggressive attitude, she ended it up kicking me and my older daughter out of her clinic when I claimed my rights and raised my voice because she wouldn't let me talk in frustration she yelled on my face "GO AHEAD AND SCAR YOUR FACE"!!! and took away my rights over this voucher and challenged me to lodge a formal complaint. So I did, I found out that you can't make a claim for poor customer service so I used the voucher. Later on an Agent from the Office Fair Trading contacted them and now this voucher can be transfer to someone who has suitable skin color for this TCA facial treatment. Not to mention that after the dispute in the Clinic and after receiving the letter informing them of my intention to lodge a formal complaint against them the Director of de day care contacted me initially with the intention to fix this by buying the voucher from me (her original offer when I won the raffle) but my problem wasn’t with her but her friend from Allure Clinic, after the letter the Director called me again with a very aggressive attitude asking me if I wanted money, that I had to stop this that I was going to far... making me feel that I was a conflicted person. After this I had to take my little girl off her Day Care centre. . So if someone is interested please let me know but remember that is an expired voucher. Dr. Hogden the lady’s husband told the agent that it was an genuine mistake and this voucher could be transfer to someone else. Sorry my English I did my best to make the story short.

Posted By: viviana regarding Allure Aesthetic Rejuvenation Clinic


2009-05-30 04:25 am

Vanity Day Spa has got to be the ultimate beauty salon in Mackay. I have never ever been disappointed. Prices are fair and the atmosphere is sooooo relaxing that you will never wan to leave. They do fab eyebrows and hair!!! 10 out of 10!

Posted By: ClareMc regarding Vanity Day Spa


2011-05-18 06:12 pm

Fabulous Staff.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding L'Auranda Beauty Salon


2011-11-21 09:26 am

Wonderful, very helpful, great service with a big smile. Won't go anywhere else for all my beauty needs.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Lynne's Natural Body & Beauty