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2009-05-24 01:35 am

I workout at at a ladies fitness studio called Contours which is located at Stockland Mall in Forster. They have an awesome 29 minute workout. They are very qualified staff. It's a great way to make friends as they have lots of charity events that you can help out with. They recently participated in the Walk Across Water at the annual Baby Boomers Bash. They have donated to various charities and businesses, like the Cancer Council and the R.D.A (Riding for the Dis-Abled).
Hope this helps!

Posted By: PeaceLoveHorses regarding Contours


2009-05-22 09:05 am

I just signed up with Contours (fitness centre) on Mulgrave Road, and am so excited to have finally found a gym that suits me to a T! The atmosphere is unintrusive and relaxed, and the program they have set up is very convenient and user-friendly. They also have a great special on at the moment - check it out if you're shopping around for somewhere to work out (for ladies only, I'm sorry guys!)

Posted By: tezenez regarding Contours


2012-01-24 11:04 pm

200m away from very loud nightclub. Bring ear plugs.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Mackay Grande Suites


2010-09-28 07:32 pm

My first experience at the grande suites wasn't pleasant, front desk staff were very unhelpful and rather rude on arrival the room they had initially put me and my partner in wasn't ready when we got there so had to be changed was mucked around at the front counter for quite sometime we had a little bit of luggage and need assistance which never came, stayed in a one bedroom room on the 6th floor, for $200 a night you think your getting luxury, don't be fooled, the rooms are rather small, tho i must say they were quite clean. that is one thing i can give it!

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2011-07-19 03:03 am

Stayed here while on business. Found it to be a great location. The staff was friendly and the rooms were clean and well appointed. While the rates are rather high, I felt it was worth the cost. The two restaurants downstairs were average. The bar gets pretty packed on weekend nights, but it's still easy to get a drink, especially once they know you're staying at the hotel. I would certainly stay here again.

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