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2009-06-11 07:06 am

Hi all,

Just thought i should share this with you all. I was on and saw an ad for Proarch Podiatry. They are giving away assessment for free( i think it's usually around $90). Something for nothing. Hope it can help.
Check it out here

Posted By: sibb regarding Proarch Podiatry


2009-05-20 11:30 am

I have been having a lot of problems staying on my feet all day so I went to Proarch Podiatry, I found then to be realy helpful & a pleasure to deal with. Now I have less back pain & feeling a lot better !!

Posted By: michael regarding Proarch Podiatry


2009-02-12 01:53 pm

Where do you go if you have a foot problem? Balance Podiatry is a local business, are there any better ones around?

Posted By: cumquat regarding Balance Podiatry