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2009-10-02 09:46 am

I heard on the radio there's a Mortgage Choice investment seminar coming up on the 27th of October. These are really good and give great information. We went to one of their First Home Buyers'seminars last year and that's how we got started. Very useful. If you're interested you have to register on 13 66 78

Posted By: anamaria regarding Mortgage Choice


2011-11-17 05:36 pm

I have been isured with AAMI for 14yrs. The night cyclone Yasi brushed Cairns my roof leaked in 3 places. AAMI sent a bodgy plumber to repair it. I wasn't impressed with the plumber but there was so much going on that I didn't want to be fussy. The other tradies that followed such as plasterers and painters did a fantastic job. All seamed ok till the heavy rain in October. The roof leaked in exactly the same places. When I contacted AAMI to say unfortunantly it wasn't fixed right they first told me the plumber in Feb. didn't do a report and they wouldn't acknowledge it as the same leak. Apparently it was my fault a report wasn't done then. When I was able to prove it was the same leaks they sent another bodgy plumber who just stated the roof was never installed properly. No details on how it wasn't done properly but that was enough for AAMI to refuse to touch it again. This house has never leaked before this cyclone and as a long term policy holder they know this. I offered to get a real licenced builder in to do a report but they didn't want to know about it. So have now officially gone into dispute with them through the Ombudsman. Seams they are getting low on funds to cover what they legally are obliged to fix. Didn't mind taking my money for 14yrs though. Guess I just joined the line of 500 queenslanders who have been shafted by their insurance companies from the cyclone and floods

Posted By: grinner regarding AAMI


2009-02-27 01:51 pm

I recently had an at fault accident in my car and I have had to deal with my insurance company quite a bit. I just want a give them a pat on the back for the great service they have provided me with. Especially the local girls in the rocky office. I would reccommend anyone to ring up AAMI for a quote on their home and car insurance I found that they were over $500 cheaper on my car insurance and $1000 on my home insurance and I was covered for more than my old policy. Great Job Guys

Posted By: pink-avenger regarding AAMI


2009-02-27 01:33 pm

I am currently with medibank private and have had alot of problems with them. Can anyone recommend another health fund that is good and cheap??

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2013-08-21 03:07 am

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Posted By: ginger-valentino regarding Davis Rick