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2011-06-17 10:21 am

Meagre - barely adequate - only stay here if you can't find anywhere else. Stayed for one night travelling from Rockhampton to Airlie Beach with husband and three children aged 5, 7 and 9. The positives: it's a roof over your head, it was farely clean, 'villa' had nice curtains, very very good camp kitchen (for those tenting / in caravans), close to good childrens play park down road (only four swings at park itself) and a few shops around the corner, had two fridges, clean pool and had enough beds and I liked reception staff. The negatives: overpriced for getting no linen or blankets (yes, no bankets) or towels - not even a bar of soap, meagre - didn't have enough plates / cultery and what was provided to us were absolutely awful (plastic mish mash - I asked for enough for five people and were provided with absolute rubbish - broken, odd sods - it was an absolute disgrace, never seen such poor provisions), and tiny tiny old tv didn't work. It had enough beds for six people but only four chairs. Most residents are male industry workers. If you can, choose anywhere else to stay (anywhere, anywhere at all) or just keep on driving. If I can't get anywhere else next time we're driving on through. (Stayed at Halliday Bay Resort, 30 min from Mackay on our way back through - this place was much better - for the same price we had all linen and towels, soaps and good cultery etc in a nice setting next to the beach)

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2011-08-30 10:39 am

Positives, clean rooms, had 2 fridges in the cabin, comfortable beds, good bathroom, good aircon, enough power points, up to date furnishings, Negatives, no blankets, would be nice if there were extra cooking facilities (plates, utensils etc) woulda bin nice to have a wifi set up. All up not a bad place to stay

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2012-05-14 02:25 pm

totally disgusting, do not go there, drive on. we got there late, paid our extra money for the key deposit and linen- yes, that's right, you have to pay for linen and towels- then got grunted at by the lady to "make sure you bring the key back.' when i said, "oh, it's terrible that you have to tell people that, i suppose peoeple do that from time to time, she just eyed me up and down and repeated the request: "make sure you bring the key back," like i was a criminal (which, lets face it, half the permanents that are there look like criminals so it's probably what she's used to). when we got to the "cabin" i was disgusted to find that the linen we paid for was stained and disgusting and the quilts on the bed not washed from the previous guests. there was a dirty dish in the microwave, the cutlery, cups and plates were cheap and dirty, they were even using jam jars for glasses- yeah, they couldn't even buy cups, they recycled jam jars. the toilet didn't work so my husband had to fix it, the shower was filthy and mouldy, the curtains were falling off the rods with all the hooks broken, and we had to move the single bed away from the wall so my baby girl didn't get dripped on by the leaking air con. the rooms stank like old ciggarettes and cheap disinfectant, the taps on the vanity were mismatched, everything about thsi place shows that they don't clean it properly, maintainance is nil and no proide or care is taken to ensure customers have a nice stay. we expected the room to have the basics, as the price was 105 a night, but we didn't expect the filth that came with it. we spent weeks travelling all over qld in budget accomodation, and all the other places we stayed were like a hilton compared to this dump. magotty wheely bins, feral tenants everywhere, was scared to walk to the bins to put my rubbish out for fear of getting attacked. i cried after we arrived when i realised what a terrible mistake it was to stay there, it toally ruined the last part of our trip. i would have preferred to drive another 8 hours to get home then stay there. do not stay if you have kids, it is scary and dirty. we put our own towels on the beds so we didnt' have to touch the sheets. absolutuly foul and will be complaining to higher authorities.

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2013-01-18 08:02 am

Do you like the smell of stain urine and creepy workies staring into your tent?! Then you have found the right place! This place is an absolute dive no not stay here!!!

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2013-01-04 11:18 am

Had a pleasant stay. Office staff made our stay enjoyable with knowledge of local facilities. We stayed in a villa which was self contained with own kitchen, shower and toilet. Perhaps a/c was a little noisy, but got used to it after a while. Price was also quite affordable. We were able to walk to the city heart, about 2 kms to see the new year in. Have already booked our return trip here for next year. Thank you

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