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2009-05-21 05:49 pm

I had a few problems with my computer and heard a friend saying how Xtreme Computers had fixed his computer in a short time. I took my computer, which wouldnt start, to Xtreme Computers and recieved a phone call a few days later with news that they had fixed it. I also noticed they carry a large range of hardware too. I am very happy with the service I got from Xtreme Computers. They can be found at 28 George st.

Posted By: crolfa regarding Xtreme Computer Services


2010-09-21 02:37 pm

As a consultant to the mining industry I was very impressed with the professionalism, expertise and extensive knowledge the development team have at Intov8 - a company that specialises in automating all the production data for Australian mine sites. They responded swiftly to requests for more information and one client was heard to say Intov8 was "Worth their weight in gold" and that the mine data management software they implemented from Intov8 paid for itself 10 fold.

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2009-06-22 12:13 pm

I brought in my laptop on a Wednesday.... I fully knew my mistake. The manager seemed quite confident that he could retrieve my lost files. He stated the recovery process did not require a lot of labor, so it should be cheap, as there were four 12-hour programs they'd run on my laptop. The manager stated I would have the laptop back by Tuesday. Tuesday came & went with no calls. Wednesday I went in to the office. The same manager handed it back to me and said that he only ran 3 out of the 4 tests, but nothing had worked. He offered to keep working on it for me.... WHAT'S THE POINT of returning the laptop in the same state, when they hadn't run every test!?!?!? What had they been doing the last week!?!?!? Irritated, I asked that they would keep it until ALL tests were ran but that I needed it by Monday at the latest. The manager stated he'd have it by Saturday. On Monday I STILL had not received a phone call so I went back in to the store. Almost 2 weeks & a bunch of drop-ins later I still have a broken laptop. This store didn't make either of their two stated deadlines nor did they communicate that to me! Will never return.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding C R C Computers


2013-07-09 12:51 am

They were quite quick with the recovering of my laptop! Very professional service! They managed to save all the important information which was contained at my hard drive.

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2010-12-31 03:01 pm

Experts in server administration. Nothing is too much trouble. Indispensible to our I.T. operations. Highly recommend to business.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Oranom Technologies