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2010-01-08 07:44 pm

Save your money, no one likes to leave a plate of food behind
Twice now I have had a bad dining experience at the whitsunday sailing club. The first was in july when a friend and I had chicken ceasar salad, the lettuce was iceburg not cos, and the dressing was missing but with a puddle of olive oil in the bottom of the bowl.We were very dissapointed but determined not to spoil the day, so didnt complain.
Deciding to give the place another go after being told there was a new chef we went for lunch today.
Both my husband and I ordered the seafood plate, in the menu they said cooked seafood. These meals came out with natural oysters on it which we both despise, so setting these aside we tuck in. Yuk is the only way to describe this dish! The salt and pepper calamari was flour calamari and tough as a wetsuit, the seafood bites and crumbed prawns were overdone, didn't know you could cook a seafood bite to be tough, the battered fish[?]not sure what was in it, but they managed to burn it till all was left was oil and batter. And to top it off the juice from the oysters had soaked into the bottom of everything.
Considering the attitude of the bar/wait staff I really shouldn't expected any better of the kitchen/cook.

Posted By: truelocal regarding Whitsunday Sailing Club


2012-06-15 03:41 pm

Had a great day fishing! lots of fun for the whole family. Polite and friendly service. Highly recommend it.

Posted By: emma-draper regarding Dingo Beach Water Sports


2009-12-05 10:33 am

I recently booked what I thought was a double dive on the Reefjet cruise from Airlie Beach. I booked it through an agent as it turned out and I was advised 2 dives would be done. This was not the case. They will only do 2 dives if they don't have too many people on the boat. The day I was on the boat it was packed and it became apparent very early on that 1 dive was all that was going to take place. I spoke to the staff straight up about it and they said it should have been communicated to me and that it was on their brochure. I was not impressed as I am an avid diver. I went back and got their brochure and could not find this mentioned anywhere. If you are looking for a day where you see lovely sights such as Whitehaven beach and want to go for a snorkel or do an introductory dive or single dive then this would be suitable for you. If you are serious about diving then do not book with Reefjet. We finally got in for our single dive at about 3:30pm. They day was mostly gone. I was even more disappointed because I had just done Whitehaven beach on a 3 day cruise prior to my diving. I was looking for a double dive not sights I had already seen. If you are tourist looking for a touristy day trip with a few options on a fast boat then this trip could be for you. If you are an avid diver then do not book this trip!

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2011-03-27 05:43 am

We recently went out on Reefjet, with Matt and his fine crew. Had a great day. Very helpfully and informative crew, who are more than willing to have a bit of a joke. We even got to wear the SEXY stinger suits as it was that time of year. Their a whole lot better than the alternatives. Food was good and plenty for everyone. Would recommend this trip definitely. Robert & Dot

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