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2011-08-27 05:06 pm

This and the bakery are two good options for a snack or if you're interested in something that is cooked fresh and doesn't cost the equivalent of a luxury yacht. Watch out for the seagulls and cockatoos when walking out with a hot bag of chips.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Popeye's Takeaway


2011-10-20 02:40 pm

Reasonable prices and decent quality.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Popeye's Takeaway


2013-05-14 09:59 pm

Visited Hamilton island for the first time. Because we love seafood we had to try the local fish and chips shop. They had the best seafood basket we have had for a long time. Everything was really fresh and tasty and perfectly cooked. The fries were just right too. So good we had dinner there two days in a row. The tables across from the road gives a beautiful setting to dine!

Posted By: gary-willis regarding Popeye's Takeaway


2013-06-10 09:52 pm

A nice bakery with a good selection of breads and cakes for every taste. The food was nice and not too expensive, but didnt accept credit cards which was an annoyance. The staff didnt really seem to know what stock they had on the shelf, but were friendly. It was a nice change from takeaway food, and was well suited to the island appeal.

Posted By: michael-watson regarding Hamilton Island Bakery