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2012-05-24 03:19 pm

We only went in for desert, and we were very happy customers!! Massive Rocky Road Sundae and Sticky Date pudding went down a treat!!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Hog's Breath Cafe


2013-06-14 08:06 pm

We went there for dinner and ordered steaks that came out with a rotten smell and we took one bite and just about vommitted in our mouth. I had diarrhea the next day and was very sick! Our steaks smelt like the dump!!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Hog's Breath Cafe


2013-06-10 09:36 pm

The food was ok, but not great, and still made me feel a bit awful in the stomache as Hogs Breath tends to do. The staff were quite unprofessional, and very slow, and no staff in the whole front of the venue meant that we had no idea if we were even supposed to be there. The decor of the venue was nice, which was its redeeming feature.

Posted By: michael-watson regarding Hog's Breath Cafe


2009-12-19 04:57 pm

I went here and was totally over-charged. $24 for a bit of fish and slimy chips, a coke and 6 shithouse prawns. The staff who work here are total loudmouth bogans who look like they should work behind a butchers counter. When asked to explain they ummd and arghd so much that i couldnt stand to listen to it anymore so I walked out. Dont bother theres heaps of other fish n chips close by.

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2013-07-12 12:09 pm

The staff were nice enough, but the food was uninspiring. My mackerel was grilled for a dollar extra, and rendered dry in the process. The chips were OK, and the prawn cutlets were given to the seagulls (they loved them). There are better Chippies in Airlie Beach

Posted By: robert-hutchinson regarding Whitsunday Seafood Bar